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Cultural sport complex for disabled
Faculty of Fine Arts University of Tehran

Recent Projects

August 12, 2017

Tehran Performance Art Center

Name: Tehran Performance Art Center /Location: Next to Javan Cultural Center, Khavaran, Tehran, Iran /Architecture Firm: EBA  /Architect in charge: Arash Mozafari /Design associates: Babak Rashedi, Aqil…
August 07, 2017

Earrings Residential Building

Name: Earrings Residential Building /Location: Ahmadpour St., Darakeh, Tehran, Iran /Architecture Firm: Reza Habibzadeh Design and Construction Studio  /Architect in charge: Reza habibzadeh /Design associate: Sheyda Etemad/Date: 2012-2016/Site area: 1281…

Faculty of Fine Arts…

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Lavasan Villa

10-07-2017 Hits:1001 Tehran

Cinema Radio City

08-07-2017 Hits:403 Tehran

The R01 Villa

21-06-2017 Hits:946 Alborz

Ararat sport complex

02-03-2017 Hits:981 Tehran

SAM optic store

02-03-2017 Hits:784 Tehran

Niloofar Apartment

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Venus Glass Co. started its production of architectural and automotive glasses in 2004. Taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technology and the most knowledgeable team of experts in Iran, Venus Glass is among the leading glass processing companies in the Middle East.
Rooja Tejarat Azarestan, a subsidiary of Azarestan group, is a trading company well known as a leading and reliable supplier for high quality branded building products in the country of Iran. Founded in 2010, Rooja aimed to fill the clear gap in Iranian market for high quality and high-end building products.

City Vision

[A brief explanation]
n many cases there are not few information about the buildings details such as name of Architect and any other technical information. so this is an approach to find out Iranian modern Architecture around of Iran by volunteering free photography.
Buildings are mainly constructed from 1900 - 1980.

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در معماری اقلیم سرد و خشک می توان با طراحی هماهنگ با اقلیم در بیشتر مواقع از سال شرایطی را فراهم کرد که به طور طبیعی در حد آسایش باشد .در معماری اقلیم سرد و خشک بناها بهتر است به صورت فشرده کنار هم قرار گیرند و از بوجود امدن تونل هایی که باعث ایجاد باد می شود باید جلوگیری شود .برای بهره بردن از انرژی تابشی خورشید در این معماری ساختمان باید دارای شکلی کشیده که دارای نمای جنوبی بزرگتر و نیز نمای شرقی غربی کوچکتر را دارا باشد .



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