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Contemporary Architecture Of Iran
CAOI is a reference website about Iranian Contemporary Architecture that presents projects in Iran since 1880 until now.
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About us

We would like to appreciate from Iranian noble scholars who have tried to introduce and raise awareness of people about contemporary architecture of Iran [CAOI] and its evolution in terms of writing valuable books or managing some useful websites about this important issue.
Due to the shortages of comprehensive referential data source about Iranian contemporary architecture, and its difficulties to researchers, professors, students and people to find easy, quick and accurate information, we have started researching on contemporary architecture of Iran from the late Qajar dynasty until current time since 2010. Website of contemporary architecture of Iran is based on Collective wisdom. As information about CAOI was not available for people in a known source, and it is separated in various of sources for instance in books, magazines, articles, websites and etc. certainly it would takes too much time to find and consider them, so in a 9 months period of researching on different sources about CAOI, we only obtained little data and projects.By extending our research, we decided to share our little information with architects, professors, students and people by creating a communication hub via social networks such as Facebook.

 As our page in FB was created, fortunately it was met with public interest. This open space made a friendly situation for the fans to share their ideas about many fields related to Iranian architecture with others. This live event is expanded our information in a large scale about Iranian architects and their elected projects in Iran and abroad and also it has made some acquaintance with Iranian architects both in Iran and the world. Page’s fans willingly shared their information with us according to their interested fields of studies related to CAOI. By reaching to a suitable level of information, we decided to publish them by opening a website for both academic and public use.

In 2011, the first version of the website was available on internet, some years later in Feb 2014, the new version of the website is replaced with the pervious one and now it is available with more useful sections on Internet. We sincerely invite you to visit the website and let us know your ideas, criticism and suggestions for its improvement.

  • National Aims

1 - Improving the level of public knowledge in the field of architecture and its impact on human life.
2 - Introduction of Iranian architects and their elected projects to people.
3 - Creating an informational, studies and educational source with easy access, quick and accurate to professors, students, Iranian and non-Iranian researchers inside and outside the country.
4 - Sensitizing the society to the internal events and developments in architecture.
5 - Iran's growth and development by expanding knowledge in the field of architecture by its positive influence on cultural, social, economic aspects.
6 - Dissemination of constructive criticism Open space leading to the development of Iranian architecture.
7 - Recognition of successful projects by Iranian Architects with the world’s architecture evolution to the students and informing them from the national potential and making positive confidence.

  • International Aims

1 - Improvement the international communities' view to contemporary architecture in Iran.
2 - Developing cultural relations at the international level and introducing Iranian culture and civilization by the language of architecture.
3- To be in line with the international movements in architecture and elevating the status of Iranian Contemporary Architecture in the worldwide.

  • Acknowledgements

- Special thanks to Dr.Vahid Ghobadian, Iranian famous researcher and professor about contemporary architecture of the western countries and Iran for their great attention and supporting from this website.
- Special thanks to Mr. Reza Najafian, CEO of .ReNa. Design Office for designing website’s logo and his continually warm and intellectual supports.
- Special thanks to Mr. Armin Mohsen Daneshgar CEO of Daneshgar Architects in Vienna , Austria for  intellectual and financial supports from the website.
- Special thanks to Mr. Manochehr Seyed Mortazavi CEO of MAAP Architects in Germany for intellectual and financial supports from the website.
- Special thanks to Mr. Soroush Bakhtminoo, CEO and founder of Designer Magazine for publishing an article about the introduction of the website.

- Many thanks to the architects, students I met and who offered their thoughts on the process of creating website both in previous version & this new version.
- Many thanks to our pages’ fans in social networks  who shared their information with us in finding the trustable data related to some specific matters .
- We would like to thank from Mr. Mehdi Ghafari, website’s programmer who is so patient during of the programming. The final version is available from Feb 2014.

  • Dear Visitor!

Definitely, there will be shortages in the website that have been hidden to us.
Please contact us to share your point of view, suggestions , critics and information with us on the way towards improving of the website’s quality.

Best Regards,
Contemporary Architecture of Iran's Team


© Header Photographer: Arash G. Tehrani