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May 12, 2022

mint house

Name: mint house/Location: Kashan, Isfahan province, Iran/Architecture firm: White on white studio/Architects: Faezeh Arefnazari, Ruhollah Rasooli/Date: 2020-2021/Site area: 400 sqmBuilt area: 200 sqm/Type: …
May 07, 2022

Rouyesh Dental Clinic

Name: Rouyesh Dental Clinic/Location: Tehran /Architecture firm: Nokav Studio/Architects: Amin Bolookat, Negar Karimi/Design team: Mahsa Poursamar/Date: 2020-2021/Site area: 260 sqmBuilt area: 640 sqm/Type: …

Negah bookstore

25-04-2022 Hits:335 Tehran

Mid-Ridge Villa

17-04-2022 Hits:452 Isfahan

A House in Jolfa…

10-04-2022 Hits:579 Isfahan

Dasht-e-Chehel villa

04-04-2022 Hits:806 Tehran

The single-vault house

17-03-2022 Hits:645 Isfahan

A house for a…

10-03-2022 Hits:912 Markazi

The House With No…

06-03-2022 Hits:847 Isfahan

City Vision

[A brief explanation]
n many cases there are not few information about the buildings details such as name of Architect and any other technical information. so this is an approach to find out Iranian modern Architecture around of Iran by volunteering free photography.
Buildings are mainly constructed from 1900 - 1980.

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