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Niloofar Apartment
Jeep Office Building - copy - copy

Recent Projects

May 25, 2017

Ararat sport complex

Name: Ararat sport complex /Location: Kurdistan st., Tehran, Iran /Architect in charge: Rostom Voskanian  /Client: "Ararat" Armenian Cultural Organization/Video: Click here!/Budget: N/A/   Acknowledgment - Special thanks to Dr.…
May 21, 2017

SAM optic store

Name: SAM optic store /Location: Sam center, Tehran, Iran /Architect in charge: Yaser Karimian, Ashkan Bagheri Aghdam /Date: 2013 /Built Area: 72 sqm /Type: Commercial, Interior design /Electrical Engineer: Arbi Aghajanian /Executive Manager: Sina…

Niloofar Apartment

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Jeep Office Building

09-05-2017 Hits:526 Tehran

Villa 101

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Shokrniya Beauty Salon

02-03-2017 Hits:673 Tehran

Jey Shir

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Yast Khaneh

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Venus Glass Co. started its production of architectural and automotive glasses in 2004. Taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technology and the most knowledgeable team of experts in Iran, Venus Glass is among the leading glass processing companies in the Middle East.
Rooja Tejarat Azarestan, a subsidiary of Azarestan group, is a trading company well known as a leading and reliable supplier for high quality branded building products in the country of Iran. Founded in 2010, Rooja aimed to fill the clear gap in Iranian market for high quality and high-end building products.

City Vision

[A brief explanation]
n many cases there are not few information about the buildings details such as name of Architect and any other technical information. so this is an approach to find out Iranian modern Architecture around of Iran by volunteering free photography.
Buildings are mainly constructed from 1900 - 1980.

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- عکس منتخب اولین همایش بین المللی مقاله نویسی توسط قطب علمی معماری دانشگاه تهران
- 1394 کارآموز شرکت معماری دانش بنیان توپاز
- 1395 تکنسین شرکت مشاورفلات گستر سهند
- طراح دفتر فنی مهندسی عارف آرک تبریز
-همکاری با موسسه علمی تحقیقاتی فیروزه تبریز
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