A brief History of

Iranian Architecture

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Every land has its specific national and cultural identifications which appear on its particular architecture as a symbol of its nation's Ideals, Faith, desires, hopes, philosophy, life methods, science , technologies and etc.

As the earth is our homeland, Architecture can play a vital role in making close relationship among the world's nations via cultural events for reaching to the goals of dialogue among civilizations in about finding suitable methods for solving the world's problems by elevating the societies’ public knowledge and  making universal union among them for making a better world.

Iran is an important country in the world’s communications with the rich history and antiquity from Early Bronze Age.

To best understand Iran, their related societies and their people, one must first attempt to acquire an understanding of their culture. Iran has one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many disciplines including architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metal working and stone masonry. There is also a very vibrant Iranian modern and contemporary art scene.

According to the policy of the website, we created this section for making an opportunity to our visitors for discovering new approach about Iran pointed on Iranian ancient, Islamic, traditional and vernacular architecture.

The images ranged from the Bronze Age until the Qajar dynasty was established in 1785.