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Ahmad Sardar Afkhami

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Ahmad Sardar Afkhami was born in Teheran to a family of architects and designers. After leaving Iran during the upheaval of the revolution, he spent his childhood in France and England.After graduating from Brown University with a Bachelor's degree in Semiotics/Modern Culture and Media in 1990, he spent some time in India working on a film project that documented gender politics in traditional Northern Indian Architecture and landscape design.

His interest sparked by this project, he pursued a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture at Harvard University. Upon graduating in 1995, and after researching the restoration of a historical French garden of the 17th century, he worked for Robert AM Stern as a Landscape architect.Frustrated by the limits imposed on his profession, he returned to school to obtain a Master's Degree in Architecture from Columbia University in 1999.

He then worked as an architect for Robert AM Stern and other prestigious architectural firms based in New York City.In 2007, he founded Sardar Design Studio as an attempt to bring together the different aspects of his design career, and to create a collaborative studio where different design professionals with similarly wide ranging interests could practice in a mutually supportive atmosphere on projects that overlap and challenge the traditional boundaries of design as it is practiced today.







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