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Pouya Khazaeli

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Pouya Khazaeli is an Iranian architect. He founded Rai Studio in June 2007, with the aim of reviving what he considers to be the lost spirit of architecture; beyond utility and conceptual design towards the extension of organic settings with reverence to the cultural heritage of the region. He has worked for Shigeru Ban, Anna Heringer, Bahram Shirdel and Hadi Mirmiran. By 2011 he had completed 4 projects and won four awards, including a first prize from Memar magazine for his low budget bamboo hut. "Anthems of the Earth" is the book that he has written in 2013 (Translated in English by Mehrnoosh Khalooghi) that shows his philosophical point of view, which is almost a mixture of Nietzsche and Khayyam.





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