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در این بخش در تلاش هستیم تا اطلاعات مربوط به معماران ایران اعم ازبیوگرافی و آثار منتخب آنان گردآوری و معرفی گردد.
این بخش نیازمند همیاری شما مخاطبان گرامی است تا اطلاعات مربوط به معمارانی که می شناسید بویژه آنانی که مسن هستند و یا در قید حیات نیستند جمع آوری و مستندنگاری گردد.


وارتان هوانسیان

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He was born in Tabriz City,1895, Attended elementary and high school in Tabriz. Then he migrated to Tehran as a teacher who taught at Armenian schools in 1918. Then he decided to go Paris to study art, it took 4 years when he graduated. Then became a university professor who taught urbanization. It took 17 years when he decided to return Iran in 1935;he participated in a design competition of a girl academy. He succeeded to be the first in the design completion. The active qualified artist constructed many buildings including palace of king, school, residential villa and so on. He also was a social and cultural activist. He was the effective member of “French –Iranian Society” in Paris and society member of Iranian diploma architects; .he published many articles on art and architecture too. 




  • Girl Vocational School | 1938

  • Hotel Darband

  • Completing of Tehran Officers Club ( Designed by Gabriel Guevrekian )

  • Shahnaz Pahlavi Palace in Saad'Abad

  • Cinema Metropol

  • Cinema Dayana

  • Tehran railway station's Inn

  • Hotel Ferdowsi

  • Sepah Central Bank in Tehran

  • Sepah Bank in Tehran | Bazzar Branch 

  • Sepah Bank in Isfahan 

  • Jeep Building

  • Shahreza Apartments



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