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Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in London





Name: Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in London

Architect: Daneshgar Architects | Armin mohsen Daneshgar

Location: London, United Kingdom

Client: Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Type: Governmental 


The design for the Iran Embassy, Vienna is another approach of a direct connection between architectural design and virtual game engines, that opened an entirely new initial point for modern Islamic architecture. The aim was to extract the uniqueness of traditional Islamic ornaments into a modern language of 3-dimensional shaping by simultaneously preserving traditional proportion patterns. To meet with this ambitious intention a special software was programmed that resulted into the adventurously new Islamic design. The traditional way of treating natural light meets an entirely new way of involving the direct processing of digital data flow into an architectural design.

the new embassy will be a six-storey marble and stone structure sporting irregular windows and sharp, clean lines. situated on the corner of manson place and queensgate mews the jutting corner of the building will overhang a smaller sub-structure, a contemporary art gallery and cultural center.


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