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Iranian Embassy in Jordan




Name: Iranian Embassy in Jordan

Location: Amman, Jordan

Architect:  Mohammadreza Ghaneei | Polsheer Consultants

Date: 2003 - 2006

Site area: 1600 sqm

Ground floor area: 900 sqm

Built area: 3400 sqm

Budget: 3,800,000 USD


To take advantage of Amman’s Mediterranean climate, the Iranian embassy is constructed of terraces of open and closed spaces in five different volumes that encourage airflow to create a cool environment inside. The structure evokes the urban environment of Amman, which is built on terraces on the hillsides. A walkway winds up to the embassy, its walls perforated with openings of different sizes spaced in an irregular pattern, creating a play of light and shadow.

Source: Archnet

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