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Iranian Embassy in South Korea




Name: Iranian Embassy in South Korea

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Architect:  Farhad Ahmadi

Date: 2000 - 2004

Site area: 600 sqm

Ground floor area: 200 sqm

Built area: 1800 sqm

Service engineering: Daivid Han & Associates ( Local consultant )

Contractor: LG construction company

Site manager: Mr.Lee

Client: Ministry of foreign affairs

Budget: US$ 3’600’000

Photographs: David Han


A large open space - a sunken courtyard with a glazed atrium on top - forms the core of the Iranian Embassy in Seoul. To maximise this central space, the whole of the structure is hung from four 15-metrehigh concrete towers. ‘The rising towers manifest the transcendental tendency of the earth, and the diagonal glass floor of the atrium symbolises the descent of heaven to the earth. The materials used in the project (mainly concrete, steel and glass in the facades, marble and wood on the floors) are exposed, to preserve their original identity and project the key concepts of modesty, purity and simplicity.


Source: Archnet


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