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Iranian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan





Name: Iranian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Architect:  Hossein Sheikh-Zeinnedin | Bavand Consultants

Date: 2002 - 2004

Site area: 1928 sqm

Ground floor area: 884 sqm

Built area: 2995 sqm

Design Team: Navid Varzaghani, Golnaz Iranpoor, Saeed Moghadam

Planning and contracts: Shahrzad Mahdavi, Mohammad Reza Moghaddam

Local architects: Nihon Sekkei: [ T. Hamada, T. Kato, Baba, M. Shimada, W. Tomoda ]

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical Enginners: Nihon Sekkei: Japanese Consultants

General Contractor: Taisei [ Link ]

Client: Ministry of foreign affairs

Budget: US$ 11'621'334


Iran’s embassy in Tokyo balances certain characteristics of Iranian architecture with the advanced technology of Japan, as an expression of the expanding relations between the two countries. The main character of the building is formed by the need to reconcile two seemingly contradictory goals: accessibility for the consular section, which is open to the public, and impenetrability for the diplomatic zone. The light roof floating over the transparent entry wall, along with the sunlit courtyard, are  envisioned as the welcoming and inviting aspects of the building, whereas the heavy granite-clad walls provide the required security and separation. 


Source: Archnet

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