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Padideh Kish Competition




Name : Padideh Kish Competition

Architect: Shirdel and Associates Architects ,Bahram Shirdel

Location: Kish Island,Hormozgan, Iran

Project Team: Bahram Shirdel, Bahman Mehrabani, Ehsan Amani, Behdad Heydari, Sohail Qandili, Ehsan Arab,

Nazanin Behboodikhah, Alireza Esfandiari, Solmaz Farajolahpour, Farbod Faravardeh, Solmaz Gholamhosseini,

Hossein Kachabi, Ehsan Karimi, Mona Mirzaei, Sharareh Naderi, Shahrzad Poushfam, Farnaz Sharifi, Masoud

Sheyvari, Mohsen Tajedin, Negin Yousefian

Developer: Padideh-Shandiz International tourism developing Company

Project Manager: Asar Bana Pars Company

Date: November 2012 – January 2013

Total Area: 860,000 m2

- Hotel and Residential: 400,000 m2

- Commercial: 300,000 m2

- Culture and Sport: 80,000 m2

- Parking: 80,000 m2

Jury Members

- Donald Bates (Director/Founder at LAB architecture studio, Chair of Architectural Design, Professor at University of Melbourne)

- Bostjan Vuga (Founder of SADAR + VUGA firm, Studio tutor at Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, Guest professor

at Adip, TU in Berlin)

- Hamed Mazaherian (Dean of School of Architecture, University of Tehran)

- Khosrow Afzalian (Dean of School of Art & Architecture, Azad University of Mashhad)

- Mohammad Hossein Ayatollahi (Professor at School of Art & Architecture, University of Yazd)

- Hamid Haqiqat  (Director Manager at International Design, Construction & development Company Eyvan Sofeh)

 Award : first prize for Padideh Kish Competition


Project Brief

The architectural masterplan design of “Padideh Kish”, a destination resort, in Kish Island is the most significant tourism hub in Iran and the fourth in Middle East.

Being located at the southern part of Iran it requires a very sensible and special approach.

The tremendous scale of the project and diversity of programmes assigned to the design makes the project beyond an architectural resolution and demands an approach similar to a city.

Thus as various group of people experience special and valuable qualities of a social life in a city environment, this project also intends to enhance this quality within this place.

As a destination for a trip to the most attractive touristic place in Iran, “Padideh Kish” on one hand consists of a flexible and wide-spread range of social scenarios related to leisure and on the other hand special events such as commercial, sports and so on.

Hence “Padideh Kish” by providing and creating a fantastic and exciting place improves and deepens the experience of a trip and remains in the mind of any visitor.


Design Concept

The architectural masterplan design idea of Padideh is a result of juxtaposition, interaction and development of concepts that each one is dependent on the architectural achievements and architectural history of Iran.

The noble concepts which nourish and support the idea of design, could be explored from two main perspectives:

Social - cultural and geographical perspectives.



Padideh-Shandiz International tourism developing Company, a private held company with a notable background, has been the investor for many great projects such as different business, official and residential complexes in Iran and Afghanistan and also in major and extensive advertisements in both countries. Padideh restaurants complex in Shandiz town in Iran, recorded in the Official site of Shandiz town council as one of the town's tourist attractions, is also one of this company’s investments. Padideh Co. owns branches and has performed leading projects in Mashhad, Tehran, Kish, and Shiraz. Mr. Pahlavan, as the chief executive officer, owns the most of the company stocks. The company policy is to make a distinction in the tourism industry.

source : courtesy of architect

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