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Iranian Pavilion (Milan Expo 2015) Competition




Name : Iranian Pavilion (Milan Expo 2015) Competition

Location: Milan, Italy

Architects: Laboratorio di Architettura e Design (LAD), Naqsh-E-Jahan-Pars (NJP)

Project And Design Manager: Hamid Mirmiran

Design Consultant: Iraj Etesam, Nasrine Faghih, Francesco Napolitano (LAD)

Date: 2014


Coordination Manager: Farideh Saebi

Co Designer And Coordinator: Saman Sayar

Design Team: Maryam Rahimi Danesh, Hiva Farajpoor Bakhtiari, Saeed Amirzadeh (LAD)

Project Associates: Maryam Shirsalimian, Shima Aghaei Karim, Mana Ghabussi, Azadeh Piroozmand, Tina Fazeli, Mina Shamisa

Conceptual Programming: Mohammad Salari far, Amin Masoodi

Area Planning Studies: Nader Roozrokh, Tohideh Yadegari

Structure Studies: Ehsan Sabaghi, Ali Etesam

Mep: Behrooz Alamdar Milani, Hamidreza Lahijani

3D Renders: Majid Jahan-mehr, Nazli Milani

Model: Hossein Ghaffari, Saeed Toodeh Fallah, Alireza Khosravi Fard

Photography: Hamidreza Framarzi, Azad Zargami

Graphic Design: Reza Soltani-Zadeh

Area: 8000 sqm

Award: First Prize in National competiton

Photographs: NJP, LAD


Naqsh,E,Jahan-Pars (NJP), in collaboration with the Laboratorio di Architettura e Design (LAD), has been named winner of an international competition for the Iranian Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo. Based on “a living process narrative in the central plateau of Iran,” the winning scheme responds to the Expo’s “Feeding the Planet” theme by exposing the underground channels of water that give life to Iran’s many desert cities. 

The winning design highlights the two important elements of modern Iranian architecture and city planning: the garden and “qanats,” underground water channels that use gravity to transfer water from higher elevations to cities. In form, the pavilion represents a section of land in which guides visitors through a qanat and ultimately to the crop it feeds. This garden will then provide the food that will be used to serve local Iranian cuisine to Expo visitors. It is important to note that although this proposal won the competition, it is unclear whether or not the Iranian government will move forward with its development.



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