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Pavilion of Iran in EXPO 1967




Name: Pavilion of Iran in EXPO 1967

Location: Montreal, Canada

Architect: Abdol Aziz Farman Farmaian

Date: Apr 27,1967 - Oct 29, 1967

Type: Pavilion

The Pavilion of Iran is on Ile Sainte-Hélène, just across from the Métro station.Its style was inspired by an ancient Iranian structure, and the tile work that decorates its columns is an authentic example of Iranian decorative art. Iran of the past, the present and the future: this is the theme within the framework of Man and his World.

On two floors the display presents Iran in miniature: its physical features from tall mountains to rolling plains and arid deserts; its racial elements from blond Aryans to the dark-skinned people of the south; its cultural heritage rich in ancient monuments and archaeological treasures; its mineral and agricultural resources; its industrial development including oil exploitation; its world famous carpets and handicrafts; its tourist attractions. The realms of ideas and social life are not forgotten.

The effect of reform and evolution over the past 25 years is depicted graphically to stress immense impact upon the nation.Lighting and colors used in the pavilion reflect original Iranian hues. The presentation seeks to reproduce both the atmosphere and the spirit of Iran.On the patio programs and displays are staged, and a bar serves Iranian vodka and caviar and other specialties.

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