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Golfam Office Building

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Name: Golfam Office Building

Location: No. 38, Golfam St, Jordan Blvd, Tehran, Iran

Architecture Firm: Fluid Motion Architects []

Architects in Charge: Catherine Spiridonoff, Reza Daneshmir

Design Associates: Mahdi Alibakhshian, Ali Afsarmanesh Tehrani, Avideh Kamrani, Elaheh Najafi, Alireza Esfandiari, Ehsan Hassanpour Lima

Date: 2011 - 2012

Land Area: 637.5 sqm

Built Area: 2994.6 sqm

Type: Office Building

Structure Engineers: Hooman Farrokhi, Masoud Salamian

Mechanical Engineering: Mohammad Reza Ghoddousizadeh

Electrical Engineering: Yaghoub Asefi

Executive Team: Hooman Farrokhi, Masoud Salamian

Supervisor: Fluid Motion Architects

Contractor: Tandis Ara Co.

Photographers: Ali Daghigh, Maryam Jaami

Client: Ideal City Inc.


  • Commercial Project of Year Middle East Architect Award, UAE 2015
  • 1st Place the third facade award, Memary & Sakhteman Magazine, 2012


The Golfam project site is 637.5 m2, located on the southern side of an alley off Jordan Blvd. The program includes 15 office units on 5 levels over a piloti, including lobbies, shared spaces, storage, and parking. (According to Tehran’s building regulations the volume of the project needs to occupy a maximum of 60% of the site, and must be located on the northern side of the site, adjacent to the street.)

Given the length of the site and the allowable building volume, the design parti was to create a central void (similar to a courtyard in a traditional house) to maximize the use of natural light and ventilation. Additionally, in order to provide the necessary floor area for all the office units, floating volumes were designed within this central void space (housing meeting rooms). These “hovering” objects are in contrast to the main form of the building, and create unexpected sequences of space within each unit. They are connected to the sides of the central void, and by slightly shifting against one another, create plays of light and shadow inside the building with the movement of the sun.



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