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Dariush Borbor

Dariush Borbor Dariush Borbor Dariush Borbor


Dariush Borbor was born in April 28, 1934, Tehran-Iran. At the age of 12 he went to the United Kingdom for his secondary education where he obtained his General Certificate of Education (advanced) from University of Cambridge, after which he obtained a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Civic Design both from the University of Liverpool. He then went to specialize on Architecture in Hot Dry Regions at the University of Geneva. Having practiced several years in Geneva, he returned to Iran where he set up a large multidisciplinary office which included Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Design, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Interior Design with a highly qualified multi-national staff of around 300 and several branch offices in major cities of the country.

Dariush Borbor who has been active in four continents (United States, Europe, Middle East, North Africa) is a multi faceted scholar and practitioner who designs, paints and writes on architecture, urban planning, environment, anthropology, history, toponymy, linguistics, Iranian and Persianate subjects generally.

Apart from having been elected a member of many learned societies such as the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) 1961, Fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute (FRTPI) UK 1972, Board Member Syndicate of Iranian Consulting Architects (SICA) 1975 and Member of the French Society of Urbanists (SFU) 1982, he has been the recipient of several awards and prizes worldwide, including the Gold Mercury from Italy and Fifty Outstanding Architects at the Second Belgrade Triennial of World Architecture.
He has lectured extensively at several universities around the world, presented many papers in international conferences and contributed many articles to scholarly publications and several encyclopedias, including The Encyclopedia of Urban Planning, and the Encyclopaedia Iranica.


List of projects (not complete)

- Mashad Commercial Center / 1976
Urban Renewal of Mashhad City Centre / 1968
- Monument Mashhad / 1971 (demolished in 2010)
- Museum and library, Mashhad/ 1976

Bowling (with Frei and Hunziker), Meyrin.
Bowling (with Frei and Hunziker), Beirut.
Airport terminal, runways (with Brian Colquhoun), Shiraz.
Airport ancillary buildings, runways (with Brian Colquhoun), Mehrabad, Tehran.
Guest house, Tehran.
House and clinic, Kerman.
National University assembly building, Tehran.
National University Amphetheater, Tehran.
Persian pavilion (bazaar, Persian public bathhouse, restaurant), Los Angles.
Mosque, Ahwaz.
Faculty of medical sciences (with Sam Kermani), Isfahan.
Borbor Consult. head office, Tehran.
NIPC ancillary buildings (training center, office extension, swimming pool complex, cafeteria and kitchen facilities), Mahshahr.
Bazaar Reza shopping mall, Mashhad.
Multi story car park, Mashhad.
Apartment block, Tehran.
NIGC ancillary buildings (400 seat cinema, vehicles maintenance center, heavy vehicles garage, gas station, engineering Laboratories and offices), Sarakhs.
Neighborhood of 2000 solar heated apartments in 17 blocks varying between 12 and 32 stories, with schools, commercial center, recreational facilities and underground parking, Mashhad.
Technical institute for electrical technicians, Isfahan.
Eghbali bazaar and shopping mall, Tehran.
Women’s association building, Ahwaz.
Monument, Mashhad.
Restaurant, Tehran.
Primary school, Sari, Caspian Coast.
Bus and truck terminal, Khoramshahr.
Temple of the Grand Lodge of Iran, Tehran.
Center of the Iranian Medical Association, Tehran.
Technical training institute, Tehran.
Law courts, Zahedan.
Clinic for the deaf, Tehran.
Technical institute for training the deaf, Tehran.
Museum and library, Mashhad.
400 room 5 star hotel, Mashhad.
Helicopter hangar, service center, Ahwaz.
Sports, recreation center, Tehran.
Pan American Oil Co. residential, office building, cultural center and bowling, Kharg Island.
7 Master Plans; National environmental proposal and several urban renewal and reconstruction projects.


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