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Hormozdyar Khosrovi

Hormozdyar Khosravi Hormozdyar Khosravi © Mehraz Magazine

Hormozdyar Khosravi (Khosrovi) was born in 1934 (1313 - Solar Hijri calendar) in Yazd, Iran. He was the eldest child of a Zoroastrian family. He graduated in the field of architecture at the University of Tehran in 1965 or 1966 (1344-Solar Hijri calendar). He met architect Nezam Amery during his studies. He started working with Nezam Amery, and later after joining architect Kamal Kamooneh to them, They established their own architectural office as Amery-Kamooneh-Khosrovi Group.


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3) Translated Farsi text to English by CAOI

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