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Jila Norouzi

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Jila Norouzi was educated at Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University and has been practicing in Tehran since 1983.

After graduating in 1989, she joined several consulting engineers such as “pol-e-abrisham”, “Mandan”, “Beta” and “Orarto”. She also cooperated with “Bavand Consulting Engineers” as the chief architect and designer for 12 years. Since 2003, she practices as the managing director and designer at “Barsian Shaar Consulting Engineers”.

Among her projects at Barsian Shaar, “Plaza for the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, “Pardis Technology Park” and “Holy Defense Museum” are signed as the competition winners. While continuing to actively practice architecture, she is running research projects and has attended several conferences as lecturer. She has also combined practice and teaching at “Art and Architecture University” of “Islamic Azad University of Tehran”. “Barsian Shaar Consulting Engineers” projects include a wide range of cultural, commercial and administrative projects, hotels and residential complexes.



  • Plaza for the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Tehran/ First Place/ 1390
  • Pardis Technology Park-Tehran/First Place/1386
  • Holy Defense Museum-Tehran/First Place/1384
  • Majd Residential-Commercial complex Competition (Joint with Fanavaran Consultant engineers)-Tehran/ Second Place/1391
  • Holy Defense Museum Competition-Khoramshahr/Third Place/1391
  • Green High school competition- Bushehr/ Second Place/1389
  • Mehr-Shahr Housing competition-Karaj/Honorable Mention/ 1390




  • Architectural Design studio Instructor- Islamic Azad University- Central Branch/ 1380-1381
  • Thesis Advisor – Islamic Azad University- Central Branch/ 1381-1383
  • Lecturer in the “Iranian Women In Architecture” Conference in Tehran / 1386
  • Presenting in the Iranian Contemporary Architecture Analysis session in Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran/ 1386
  • Architectural Design studio Instructor- Islamic Azad University- Central Branch/ 1389- Present
  • Member of the Jury Committee of the Entrance of the Mineral and Industrial Complex of Golgohar in Sirjan Competition/ 1391



List of Projects


1393 / 2014

- Sepaad Commercial Complex Interior Design/Mashahd

- Sarv Passage Design Competition/ Tehran

- Amatis Interior Design/ Tehran

- Esfandiar Commercial and administrative Complex/Tehran

- Shafagh Commercial and administrative Complex/ Tehran


1392 / 2013

- Auto Mall (Design Team of Bavand Consulting Engineers)/ Tehran

- Hormozan Sports Center/ Tehran

- Hormozan Commercial and Sports Center/ Tehran

- Pasargad Bank Headquarters Competition (joint with Fanavaran Consultant Engineers)/ Tehran


1391 / 2012

- Heris Cultural Center Competition/ Tehran

- Majd Residential-Commercial complex Competition (Second Place) (Joint with Fanavaran Consultant engineers)/ Tehran

- Holy Defense Museum Competition/ Khoramshahr

- Aghdasieh Residential Competition (Joint with Fanavaran Consultant engineers)/Tehran


1390 / 2011

- Martyrs Monument/ Tehran

- Plaza for the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran Competition (Winner)/ Tehran

- Iranian Waterpark (Joint with Polmir consultant Engineers)/Tehran

- Imam Reza Clinic/ Ahvaz

- Hospital Façade Design/ Yasuj

- Mehr-Shahr Housing competition (Honorable Mention)/ Karaj

- Daroos Introvent House competition/ Tehran

- Holy Defense Museum Memorial/Tehran

- Ohad Hotel (joint with Fanavaran Consultant Engineers)/ Mashahd


1389 / 2010

- Green High school competition (Second Place)/ Bushehr

- Interior Design of Pars Administration & commercial Complex (Joint with Iran Arc Consultant Engineers)/ Tehran


1388 / 2009

- Bahar Hotel & Commercial Complex (Joint with Fanavaran Consultant Engineers)/ Mashhad

- Asadi Apartment/ Sari


1387 / 2008

- The Standardization Studies of Museums

- Interior Design of Mahmoodieh Apartment/ Tehran

- Malekanian’s House Pool/ Tehran


1386 / 2007

- Great Adoryan Religious & Cultural Center Competition/ Tehran

- Shokufeh Commercial- Administrative complex/ Tehran

- Pardis Technology Park Competition (Winner)/ Tehran


1385 / 2006

- Holy Defense Museum / Tehran

- Tourism Development and Night life Revitalization of 12th District/Tehran

- Darab Residential Apartment/ Tehran

- Commercial & Residential Center (Joint with Ali Mozafari)/ Riseley St. /Perth/Australia


1384 / 2005

- Billiard Saloon/ Tehran

- Yazd Housing Estate/ Safaie/ Yazd

- Holy Defense Museum Competition (Winner)/ Tehran


1383 / 2004

- Vanak Hotel/ Mashhad

- Daroos House/ Tehran

- Khatami Cultural Center (Design team of Bavand Consulting Engineers)/ Tehran


1382 / 2003

- Interior Design of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Tehran

- Abrishamchian Villa/ Kordan/ Karaj

- Mirdamad Office/ Tehran

- Noshahr Villa/ Noshahr



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