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Maryam Alavi

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Maryam was born and raised in Shiraz-Iran. She received her master of architecture from Shahid Beheshti University (Melli) in 2002. After collaboration with renowned firms in Tehran, she co-founded Zavieh Architecture Office with Mehdi Marzyari in 2004. As the partner of the Office, Maryam played a key role in the design and management of numerous local and national projects which led the office to a recognized and award winning young practice in Iran.

In 2008, Maryam made Toronto her new home in order to expand her professional experience. Collaboration with renowned Toronto-based firms such as Taylor Hazel Architects and Wallman Architects where her projects ranged from heritage restoration and Toronto courts feasibility study to high-rise condominium helped her to translate her professional skills in the new context. In 2011, she co-founded mehdi marzyari architects (me-mar) with Mehdi Marzyari. Maryam is registered architect in Iran and LEED Accredited Professional.


Maneli Villa - 2006
Mehregan Office Building - 2007



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