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Mehrdad Iravanian

Mehrdad Iravanian Mehrdad Iravanian

Mehrdad Iravanian was born 1957, Shiraz, Iran . He studied architecture at University of South Western Louisiana, USA IN 1982 . he began his career by conceptual architectural exhibitions. He opened his private practice at beginning of nineties in Shiraz. During these years he designed and worked on architectural landscape and urban design projects. Work such as bagh boland park , khajoo landscaping , national gas headquarter, Andisheh park, houses no.1 to 15, Fars chamber of commerce building, haft khan restaurant , and In 2002 he won the marble architectural award for urban landscape. He nominated twice for architectural award by Agha khan foundation and he is the winner of Mamar award.

- Textile Art Gallery []
- Haftkhan Restaurant []
- Quran Gateway Landscaping []
- House No.12 []
- Cafe Gallery | A building | Convention Center (Greenland) []
- Exhibition | B building | Convention Center (Greenland) []


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