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Elias Yassi Gabbay

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Elias Yassi Gabbay is an Iranian Architect and the founder of Gabbay Architects. Yassi was born in Tehran. He received a masters from the University of Tehran with awards of top graduate and honors, and a Ph.D (D.P.L.G.) from “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts” in Paris. He founded his private practice under “E. Gabbay” in Tehran, and then TASMA Consulting Architects  and developed it into a firm  with over sixty employees. Prior to the 1979 Revolution in Iran, and immigration to The United States, Yassi Gabbay was decorated twice for his design work. The most notable was the design and competition award of the Plaza and Shah Abbas Hotel Complex in Isfahan, the most prestigious in the Middle East. In 1980 this project was nominated for The “Agha Khan Award” for Islamic Architecture.

On this and other projects in Isfahan, Yassi Gabbay established himself by introducing contemporary design and details to the traditional landscape of Isfahan and blending his innovative vision with traditional craftsmanship. “Guilan University Campus” remained incomplete when he left the country.

Yassi Gabbay further cultivated his design portfolio with the launch of Gabbay Architects in Beverly Hills California, where during his practice, he has been awarded twice by the City’s Architectural Commission.


University of Tehran (awards & honors – First top Graduate)
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris,D.P.L.G. (Ph.D.) in Architecture

Prior Experience

- Gellis et Culombeau: Director of Design Paris, France
- Gabbay Architects: Principal Tehran, Iran
- TASMA Consulting Architects: Principal Tehran, Iran
- Heinle, Wischer Und Partner: J.V. Partner Stuttgart, Germany
- Le Sopha Group: Director of Design Los Angeles, CA

Publications and speaking engagements

- “Esther’s Children” (H. Sarshar) Co-Author, Gabbay’s Design and Renovation of Esther’s Tomb in Iran
- “Cijoh” - seminar of Iranian Jewish History. Speaker, Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles

Honors and awards

- Architectural Design Award, 1995, City of Beverly Hills, CA
- Architectural Design Award, 1993, City of Beverly Hills, CA
- Agha-Khan Award for Architecture, (Nominee), 1980 - Shah Abbas Hotel- Isfahan
- First National Award, 1971 - Shah Abbas Place Competition - Isfahan
- Architectural Award, Ministry of Housing  Tehran, Iran
- Graduation Award "Top First Student," University of Tehran
- Decorated by Shah of Iran
- Decorated by Prime Minister of Iran

List of projects

- A house for a friend in Darrus (1st project after coming back from France)
- A house in Vozara street
- Renovation of Hotel Shah Abbas, Isfahan - Iran

- Extension of Hotel Shah Abbas, Isfahan - Iran | (Nominated for Agha Khan Award for Islamic Architecture 1980).
- Ballroom and Conference Center of Hotel Shah Abbas.
- Plaza and Shopping Mall of Shah Abbas, Isfahan – Iran | (National Competition - First Award)
- Sepahan Hospital, Isfahan - Iran
- Hafez Hospital (Annex) Shiraz - Iran
- Shiraz University, Nursing School, Shiraz - Iran
- “33 pol” Commercial Center Isfahan - Iran
- Guilan University (Joint Venture) Guilan - Iran
- The extension of Tomb of Esther and Mordechai, Hamedan-Iran
- Mayor of Tehran Residence (1977)

- Hotel “Ma Maison” for Le Sopha Group. West Hollywood - California
- Kahen Building (Architectural Award) Beverly Hills - California
- Caravan Rugs (Architectural Award) Beverly Hills – California
- Wilshire-Linden Medical Plaza, Beverly Hills - California
- South Elm Luxury Condominiums, Beverly Hills - California
- Crescent Drive Residence, Beverly Hills, California


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