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Firouz Firouz

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Firouz Firouz is an award-winning renowned architect currently based in Tehran, Iran. As the director and founder of Firouz Firouz Architecture, he received the 2001 Memar magazine award for his project “Two Houses for Two Friends” and is currently working on a wide range of projects from residential to commercial. Prior to FFA, in 1985 he co-founded the International Architectural Design office with Nasser Ahari in New York. There, his restoration work for a children’s HIV center in Manhattan’s Upper East Side was reviewed by the New York Times. He also received an award there from the Agha Khan Foundation Mimar competition for the design of a mosque in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1985).

Firouz is well-known throughout his native Iran as an architect and professor. After returning in 1990, he taught around the country at various architectural schools. He received his degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute. While there, he collaborated with Victorio Giorgini on the Genesis project. In addition, Firouz spent eight months in Egypt researching mud-brick architecture with Hassan Fathy.

Firouz’s work reflects his keen awareness and sensitivity toward the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. He is currently a member of the committee for museums in the Persian Cultural Heritage Agency (Miras) and was among the three finalists in a competition for the National Jewelry Museum of Iran. He also designed a space to house the private collection of Mrs. Malek Soudavar in the Malek National Museum. In May of 2004, he curated an art show in Barcelona (Iran under the Skin) and has served on several architecture juries.  Alongside his long-term devotion to architecture and design, he is an avid camper and mountaineer and faithfully serves as a good-will ambassador for the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (NGO).



- House in Kordan []

- Gonbad Twin Housing Complex (Two Houses For Two Friends) []
- One house, two generations, three units []
- Malek National Library and Museum Institution, Private Collection []
- Damavand Garden []

- Hajibaba House []


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