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Villa No.5

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Name: Villa No.5

Location: Maryam street, Sadra, Shiraz, Iran

Architecture Firm: Aknoon Architectural Atelier []

Architect in charge: Mahmood Omidbakhsh, Atefe Mohareri

Design Associates: Mahmood Omidbakhsh, Atefe Mohareri, Hooman Karampour, Elnaz Amiri

Date: 2016

Site Area: 1000 sqm

Built Area: 320 sqm

Type: Residential

Civil engineering: Roohallah Hashempour

Mechanical: Mr.Zahedi Nejad

Electrical: Aknoon Architectural Atelier

Executive Manager: Mahmood Omidbakhsh

Executive Team: Hesam Nasiri, Hamidreza Hashempour, Ali Ashja

Supervisor: Mahmood Omidbakhsh

3D: Mahmood Omidbakhsh, Elnaz Amiri

Graphic: Elnaz Amiri, Arash Akhtaran

Photographers: Ali Ashja, Nakisa Karampour

Client: Dr.Mohammad Ghazinour

Award: Finalist in 16th Memar Award, Residential single family category, 2016

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  • Concepts and Ideas of Design:

Harmony with the site , utilization of slope and creation of two central main yards in ground floor and first floor, to set up a garden pit and digging in the ground to save environment energy. Considering the site conditions, project settlement and nearby motifs Utilization of natural and available motifs and materials specially stone from a mine near the project, to be sustainable and recyclable Utilization of morphology  in harmony with environment , materials identification and finding their natural aesthetics.

  • Design Description, Approaches and Project Advantages:

The house is made up by the simple idea of interior and exterior spaces composition This small house has been able to maintain the spatial relations and quality of inside and outside simultaneously.


  • The building contains 5 Parts:

We pass next to the building, go through the stairs , the pine yard surprises us and enter the heart of house. The building is able to host the audiences by matching its terms and functions without any requirement of additional decorations so that challenges boredom and urban conventional patterns, yet shows the benefits of spatial relations and intersections while crossing to stay needless of additional spatial games.

Each unit is  recognizable and legible , leading to prove itself by heavy walls and light ceilings. The sky of the house is an achievement for us, from the perspective that while spinning the glass box as a heart of building gives an opportunity to create a triangular pit garden fulfilling outside and inside buildings requirements simultaneously.




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