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Hamedan Economic Affair

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Name: Hamedan Economic Affair

Location: Boali sq., Hamadan, Iran

Architecture Firm: Xpiral Studio [→]

Architect in charge: Ahmad Bathaei

Design Associates: Mehrdad Shahbazi

Date: 2016

Built Area: 300 sqm

Type: Office

Executive Manager: Ahmad Bathaei

Supervisor: Mehrdad Shahbazi

Model: United Design Architect

Photographers: Farshid Nasrabadi []

Client: Mr. Seyed Naser Mahmoudi

Material: Gypsum

Budget: 30,000 USD



The design for the Foreign Investments Office of the Department of Finance and Economical affairs building was an adaptive re-use and renovation project. The aim of the establishment was to stimulate foreign investments and enterprise in the city of Hamedan. The building design was intended to incorporate practical requirements, i.e. practical, adaptable spaces with an ambiance which points towards a secure platform for enterprise and entrepreneurship.

The program required convenience and a certain spatial fluidity to allow for functional re-appropriation. To that end, the designer eliminated confining and spatially dividing walls, instead replacing them with glass partitioning creating an extruded sequence of transparent and separated spaces. Implementing spatial divides generated from the transformation of a single surface geometry into smooth arches further bolsters the sense of interchangeable spaces.

Through re-orientation and scalar modifications, these arched surfaces guide visitors through a diverse spatial experience and movement sequence, redefining the generic floor plan and introducing an independent identity which is both inclusive and programmatically adaptive.



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