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Villa UP

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Name: Villa UP

Location: Hezar Dasht villa complex, Abali, Tehran, Iran

Architecture Firm: Arsh 4D Studio []

Architects in charge: Alireza Sherafati, Pantea Eslami

Design Associates: Reza Akrami

Landscape:Arsh 4D Studio

Date: 2016

Site Area: 5000 sqm

Built Area: 1200 sqm

Type: Residential

Civil Engineer:Behrang Baniadam

Mechanical:Ali Ghanizadeh

Electrical:Ali Piltan

Construction:Arsh 4D Construction Team

Executive Manager: Ahmad Hosseinizad

Supervisor: Alireza Sherafati

3D, Graphic: Reza Akrami

Contractor:Ahmad Hosseinizad

Photographers: Ali Daghigh

Clients: Mehdi Shahidi, Hamed Mansouri 

Material: White cement, Flamed ranite, Exposed concrete

Budget: N/A



The project site is located on sever sloped ground in mountainous areas around Tehran (Abaali). This area is characterized by its wilderness and few constructions. And the dominance of nature is the first thing that will appear. The design emphatically focuses on suspending the main spaces in nature.

The 8-meters length cantilevered box located in south side of the house, is an architectural flight in the nature that merges living spaces and two main rooms with the surrounding environment. Simplicity of the spaces accentuates humility towards the nature; moreover, outdoor living spaces overwhelms inhabitants with sense of presence in surroundings and maximizes the dialogue between open and enclosed spaces.

Due to high footprint ratio on the site and to achieve the goal of continuing the enclosed/ open dialogue, a parcel was added to the east side of the building which connects to the villa through the mid yard. In addition, the mentioned dialogue between enclosed and open spaces had been chased through the use of dark and light materials and textures.



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