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Bahram Kalantari

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1971 - Born in Tehran,Iran

1996 - MS in Architecture, Melli school of Architecture and Urbanism, Melli University Tehran, Iran

1999 -Established DC[4S] Architecture Company with Qurosh Dabbagh, Sam Tehranchi

2003 - Established ARAD (Architectural Research And Design co.) with Qurosh Dabbagh



Competitions & Awards

1992    Darroos Commercial Tower, Tehran, Iran. First prize (with Arshia Mahmoodi, Mani Sharifi, Sam Tehranchi)

2000     Iran embassy ,Amman , Jordan, first prize (with Sam Tehranchi)

2002     Al-nasr residential building, Al -nasr club ,Dubai , third prize. (with Sam Tehranchi)

2005     Mahshahr  poly-technic university , mahshahr , iran  ( second prize) (in cooperation with sinam co.)

2007     the grand memar award 2007 first prize for pbp factory, Tehran, Iran

2008     World Architecture Festival,  short listed project for pbp Factory , Tehran ,Iran

2009     2nd interior design award, first prize  ,Lounge & Touch restaurant

2015     The grand memar award 3rd prize for [BW7] residential, Tehran , Iran












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