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Javad Bonakdar

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Mr. Bonakdar was born in Iran and studied Architecture at Pratt Institute, an internationally recognized architectural school in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated in February 1976. Prior to graduation he had long term working relationships in New York City, New York with Justin Lamb of the RCA Building Project, Ed Chaplin of Bayer, Blinder and Bell, and R. Meadows of Columbia University.


After returning to Iran, he worked with MANDALLA Collaborative Architects and Planners from 1976-1978 as one of the contributing designers of the Bu-Ali University Project.    During the period 1978-1981, he worked on various international and domestic competitions and projects. In 1981, He founded Tajeer Architects and Urbanists together with long-time collaborators, Mr. Ali Saremi, Mr. Taghy Radmard and Mr. Sadegh Riyahee. From 1982 to the present, he acts as the Executive Director of the firm with overall responsibilities for project planning and coordination, and project design. Tajeer Architects and Urbanists philosophy reflects the cumulative effort of many collaborating architects with unique creative vision rather than that of one master architect. Iranian indigenous architecture has gone through many radical changes due to modernization according to Mr. Bonakdar. Thus, he believes it has not yet found its firm place in world architecture.

He has also taught at Tehran and Mashhad Azad University, graduate schools of Architecture.


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