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Shahriar Izadi

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Shahriar Izadi was born in Shiraz, Iran where he began his passionate life long pursuit of art and the ultimate design. He began his studies at the University of Tehran in fine arts and continued on in the field of architecture at the University of Tennessee in the United States, specializing in urban design, photography and industrial design. Shahriars graduating thesis was entitled Cultural and Climatic Effects on a New Town Study which received critical acclaim for its extreme creativity and diversity. With all his talent, motivation and dedication which are accompanied by his excellent personal integrity, Shahriar was destined to have a very rich and fulfilling professional career.

Following university, Mr Izadi returned to Tehran in 1980 to begin his career focusing on industrial design where he created and developed an innovative, cutting edge approach to Nomadic Furniture (knock down system). These designs afforded him to have a better understanding for the fitting and combining of different components of form which directly relate to architectural design. Creating a piece of furniture is to build a corner of urban design, using the same approach to architecture only in a smaller scale. During this time in Iran, Shahriar designed and coordinated the management of over 30 residential projects for the private sector. Mr Izadi strove to respect the design needs for each client and the solving of an architectural dilemma always resulted in true original design. Fulfilling problematic requirements is to discover the unknown through thoughtful creativity. Each project remains true to its cultural roots in order to reflect the owner and the community but should still possess its own unique identity with many added contemporary touches for the enhancement of our urban landscape.             

Natural lighting and ventilation are dominant characteristics within his work resulting with uplifting and inspirational qualities of ambiance. These spaces are created for celebration or contemplation that will infuse us with exquisite pleasure and joy for being there in the moment.Landscaping is also a forte for Mr Izadi and with expertise he transforms an outdoor space into a moment of tranquility. The ambiance of each season is considered carefully in order to set off all the plants and flowers perfectly. The changing foliage of spring, summer and fall are complimented by three dimensional forms of stone walls, pathways and rocks which will dominate the visual landscape in winter. The presence of water with its reflection of light and sound is also an essential element within his historically influenced outdoor design.

In 1989, Mr Izadi set up his architectural firm to form Izadi-Talaee Architects which took off in Tehran with the managing, designing and constructing of some very unique projects. A few of the major projects were the Charlie Chaplin Cinema, Vanak Sports and Recreational Centre, and the Presidential Pavilion.



  • Vanak Recreation Center

  • Enghelab Club

  • Vakilabad Complex

  • Book City

  • Charlie Chaplin Cinema

  • The Presidential Pavilion

  • Conceptual solutions for the renovations of embassies in Madrid and Stockholm

  • Franchised rest areas of throughout of Iran

  • The revitalization of the historical old city of Shiraz 





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