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Vahid Ghobadian

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Vahid Ghobadian has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in architecture from the Ohio State University and  Ph.D. in architecture from the Islamic Azad University in Iran. Has taught at several different universities in since 1983, was elected researcher of the year 2005 of the Islamic Azad University. Presently the head of the department architecture of the Islamic Azad University in Dubai. Lectures in various Universities, architectural organizations, and governmental agencies in Iran and Dubai about traditional, sustainable and contemporary architecture.

He is a member of the International Energy Agency, had lectures in Sustainable Solar Housing Seminars in Australia, England and France as well as the University of Rome. Was the C.E.O. of White Architecture Consultant in Tehran. In the summer of 1999 the consultant won the best award for the Solar Office Building Design competition in the city of Yazd. He Has published many architectural articles in different architectural magazines, university bulletins, and professional Journals in Iran, Italy and U.A.E.



  • Climatic Analysis of the Traditional Iranian Buildings 1995

  • Theories and Concepts in the Contemporary Western Architecture 2003

  • Architecture of Tehran During Naseredin Shah Period (in the 2nd half of 19th Century) 2003

  • Bioclimatic Housing-Innovative Designs for Warm Climates (co-author) 2008

  • Sustainable Traditional Buildings of Iran- a Climatic Analysis 2009

  • Theories and Styles in Contemporary Iranian Architecture



    • Introduction

    White Architecture Consultant is a research based building design consultant. Most of the staff are university faculty members. This consultant has a very close and constant contact with universities and academic circles.Projects range from housing and sport facilities to educational, commercial and office buildings. In all the projects, the latest design concept and technology is utilized, in order to produce suitable and sustainable buildings for many years to come.Sound economic planning and financial return as well as preserving the environment and designing sustainable buildings are among the outmost concerns for all the building projects in this consultant.


    • Approach

    White Architecture approach for building design starts with a concept. This concept is always related to the function of the building, the site situation and program requirements as well as the client ideas and the users.The actual design process starts with a constant consultation with the client, municipality, building specialists, banks and financers and also different building material producers. Design development may change many times before it is ratified by the White Architect engineers and management and also different related organizations.White Architecture Consultant provides accurate building designs and manipulates the building construction procedure with the right type of project management from the start to the end.


    • History & Portfolio

    White Architecture Consultant was established in 1997 and received grade three in the field of residential, commercial, industrial and office building design and also grade three in building reinforcement from the Management and Planning Organization of Iran. The grades for educational, clinical and sport facilities are forthcoming.The head quarter of white architecture is in Tehran and it has two main branches one in Mashhad and the other in Kerman.The C.E.O. and head of managing board of this consultant are university assistant professors. Ten of their books have been published by different universities and scientific publishers. Two inventions in building construction by a member of managing board have received a certificate from the Building and Housing Research Center.White architecture has a very active research department and has a close contact with universities and scientific organizations. It won the first award for a solar office building design competition in Yazd from the Power Ministry in 1999.


    • The ongoing research in design and building construction are as follows:

    - Research about renewable energies and optimization of energy use in buildings

    - Research about sustainable design and sustainable development

    - Research about design, technology and construction method of high rise buildings

    - Research about new methods and technologies in building project management




  •  Architecture and Urban Design Department


- Conceptual design, design development and working drawing of residential, cultural, industrial, clinical, sport and office building

- Design of mid-rise and high-rise buildings

- Building restoration

- Landscape design

- Interior design



  •   Structural Engineering Department


- Design and detailing of building structure

- Assessment of building structural deficiencies

- Structural retrofit design



  •  Research Department


- Research and publication of article and books related to building design . and construction methods

- Arranging conferences, Seminars and lectures related to the field



  •  Mechanical Department


- Building mechanical Design

- Building management system design

- Building intelligent management design



  •  Project Management Department


- Building Project management

- Building economic evaluation

- Project programming and control



  • Building Supervision Department


- Construction supervision

- Documentation control and supervision




  • Office building for Solar-Thermal power| Design competition, Yazd | 1999

  • Industrial Telecommunication Residential Complex in Pardis, Tehran | 2001

  • Shariati Climatic Highschool of Kerman | Design | 2002




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