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Mohammad Mehdi Mahmoudi

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  • Born in Arak in 1953
  • D.P.L.G. in Architecture from U.P.A, Toulouse, France, 1982
  • Founder and project manager of “Herampey Consulting Engineers”, since 1989
  • Staff writer at Me'mari va Shahrsazi Magazine since 1980

  • A principal member of central core in the Iranian Center of Excellence in Architectural Technology, Since 2005

  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the of the Iran Architecture Pride Worthies Foundation, Since 2011

  • Board Member of Institute of Sustainable Landscape Researches, since 2011


  • Candidate for the Aghakhan Award, for renovation design of Kazerouni building for Cultural Heritage Organization of Boushehr, 2001

  • Candidate for the Aghakhan Award for Architecture for Designing “Islamic Grand Encyclopedia Center”, 2001

  • Candidate for the Aghakhan Award, for Architecture Designing of “Ports & Maritime Org. Central Building”, 2010


  • Tablet Award from scientific high council of Islamic Grand Encyclopedia Center, Tehran, 1991

  • Tablet Award from the 1st & 2nd Festivals of Civil Engineering in the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning, 1996 and 2008

  • Assistant professor at Science & Technology University, Faculty of Architecture, Oran, Algiers 1982-1987

  • Designer and project manager of “Atoji Consultant Engineers”, Kyoto, Japan, 1987-1989

  • Member of Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, since 1989

  • Head of Library and Document Center of Faculty of Fine Art, University of Tehran, Since 2011

  • Designer of Building complex for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia, Darabad, Tehran 1990-2004

  • Renovation design of Kazerouni building for Cultural Heritage Organization of Boushehr- Bushehr port-1984

  • Designer of Administration building of Port & Maritime Organizations, Tehran, 1999-2005

  • Designer of Administration building & Communications tower of Bushehr port, 1992

  • Designing Development Plan of Pardise 2-Technical Department, University of Tehran, 2005

  • Designing & Organizing of Bandar Abbas 20 km Coastline, 2006

  • Establishing Standards for Buildings and Port Constructions in the main ports of Iran, 2007

  • Project manager of Coastal bypass of Ramsar, 2007

  • Preparation & codification of interaction criteria between city and port, 2009

  • Project manager of the Iranian National observatory, Garkash, Kashan, 2011

  • Project manager of the Renovation of night and daily views of buildings & urban spaces in historical center of Tehran-2012

  • Project manager of the completion of Boushehr central building engineering design-2013

  • Investigator of the Codification of Judicial Buildings (courts buildings and complexes) principles and standards-2013

  • Author of “Housing Development concerning Sustainable Architectural Foundations”, 2008

  • Author of “Architectural designing of flexible educational spaces”, 2010

  • Author of “Modern Origami and Contemporary Architecture”, 2012

  • 42 articles & papers presented on Architecture and urban planning at conferences and professional literature

  • Administrator of 10 Scientific Research project, Tehran University, 2000-2013

  • Supervisor for 175 thesis of Architectural M.A courses, Landscape Architecture & Architectural technology, University of Tehran, 1980-2013



  • The Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia

  • Kazerouni building for Cultural Heritage Organization of Boushehr





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